Educational screencasts

Welcome to CooperVision’s series of Biofinity® multifocal screencasts – a set of educational videos designed to assist practitioners with the introduction of the company’s latest contact lens. As well as an overview of the product, there is a review of a new fitting method and tips from fellow practitioners on how to make multifocal contact lens fitting a success.

Please note the below screencasts are only available in English.

Screencast 1 – Biofinity multifocal – an overview

Provides an overview of Biofinity multifocal and how it can help practitioners provide better vision for presbyopes.

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Screencast 2 – Fitting Biofinity multifocal

Shares details of CooperVision’s Balanced Progressive® Technology along with a new fitting method.

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Screencast 3 – Multifocal success factors

Outlines key multifocal success factors – steps eye care professionals can take in their practices to become more successful in prescribing multifocal lenses for their patients.

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